Veneered furniture parts

We produce veneered, veneered painted and painted panels of various dimensions and thickness for production of furniture.

The surface of veneered panels is veneered with various wood veneer sheets: ash-wood, white ash-wood, oak-wood, pinewood, maple-wood, mahogany, venge and many others.

We can produce veneered thickened panels or veneered panels of up to 100 mm thick.

We produce veneered furniture parts, bar desktops, connect parts at an angle, cut out in accordance with templates, etc.

We produce convex veneered furniture parts using a vacuum press.

The edges of parts may be thin: about 0.5÷0.6 mm or thick: about 2 mm.

Parts are varnished with colourless acid-cured, acrylic or polyurethane varnishes.

At the customer’s request the products are stained, bleached or painted in accordance with the selected colour. We use MILESI SPA or AKZO NOBEL stainers or bleachers for staining and bleaching. The colour of paints may be selected in accordance with RAL and NCS colour catalogues.

We produce furniture parts for small and big furniture manufacturers and assemblers.

Here are some pictures of the furniture produced from our veneered furniture parts:


Baldai 1

Baldai 2

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